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Global Humanitaria - Colombia

Global Humanitaria Colombia is an independent, secular and plural organization through sponsorship and international cooperation. It works to strengthen participatory development processes, with particular attention to children, youth and women to ensure equal opportunities to the most vulnerable and excluded populations in Colombia.

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The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Puerto Rico

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization whose main purpose and effort is to work directly towards educating others on what Multiple Sclerosis is and promote the welfare of the patients suffering from this condition; the goal being to achieve a better quality life for themselves and their families. Efforts include: orientation activities, awareness and fundraising involving patients and their family, as well as the general public.

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The League Against Cancer

The League Against Cancer / Liga Contra el Cancer was founded in Miami in 1975 as a community based, not for profit organization providing free medical care to needy cancer patients. More than 350 Florida physicians, who are board-certified in their specialties, volunteer their services to the League Against Cancer. The dedication and support of volunteer physicians and on-going assistance of volunteers maintain administrative costs at about 12% of operational budgets.


League Against Cancer is the last resort for cancer victims who have no financial resources or health insurance. Since 1975, more than 50,000 low-income, uninsured men, women and children have received world-class medical treatment, screenings and support from the League Against Cancer, which represents a very significant economic saving to the State of Florida. Expenses incurred by the League Against Cancer for cancer treatments can amount to as much as $50,000 per patient. Patients receive the appropriate medical treatments at no cost to them.

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